Once you master the 4P’s™; People, Process, Partners & Performance, you will create an organization in which you will:


  • Bring order to chaos
  • Delegate with confidence
  • Energize employees and staff
  • Set focused goals in service of your purpose
  • See accomplishment and celebrate
  • Create a repeatable process
  • Enhance focus and accomplishment


Equipped to Lead is the companion book to Built To Serve. Built To Serve is a NYT Best Seller, and was authored by Dan J. Sanders. Equipped To Lead was co-authored by Dan and Galen Walters, entrepreneur and founder of The Leadership LAB at Go Away Farm. » MORE



Your team members are the lifeblood of your organization. They are the single greatest asset in any organization. Ask any senior leader of an organization and they will agree that maintaining the well-being of their people is the biggest challenge to long term success.



Everything that happens inside an organization is tied to a process. If we closely examine the architecture of every discipline within an organization, we discover a series of complex systems that need to be analyzed and adjusted as needed.  Comprehending this concept helps us understand the important fundamentals of leading an organization.



Relationships are the only real currency that matters. Effective leaders must understand the power of this statement, and they must make the proper application of its teaching. Key constituents, vendors, shareholders, and in some cases, customers are your partners. Ignore them or take them for granted at your own peril.



Every organization, no matter the type, has performance measurements that must be focused on and managed to be successful. By effectively managing the People, Process,

Partners quadrants well, performance success can

be achieved.  It is an equation. You don’t get performance without taking care of the others.


Master the 4P's

Utilize the proprietary 4P Process for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.


The 4P Assessment

The 4P Assessment is a tool designed specifically to highlight where organizations have issues that need focus.

Although the individual assessment is a useful tool, the Organizational Assessment is where the real benefit is derived. Once the team of leaders and employees have taken the assessment, the area needing focus is immediately clear. The assessment has 28 questions and a place to comment on each question (if desired), 7 in each of the 4P areas. It should take less than 20 minutes to complete. At the end, each participant can see their own assessment, but the “administrator” that sets up an organizational assessment can only view the team assessment and comments.

Look for gaps between the employees and leadership plots.


Any plot in these areas require attention




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About the Authors

"Sanders and Walters show that truly being of service to others is more profitable for companies, more rewarding for employees, and more sustaining for society."


– Leonard L. Berry

Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, and coauthor of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic

Dan Sanders


Dan is an author and food industry executive specializing in building teams, developing and implementing business transformations and executing store operations.  He currently serves as Chief Operations Officer for Sprouts Farmers Market (NASDAQ:SFM), the fifth fastest growing retailer in the world.  Prior to joining SFM, Dan led Albertsons (Southern California) and ACME Markets (Pennsylvania) through comprehensive changes while serving as a division president at Supervalu (NYSE:SVU).  Before serving in the publicly-traded arena, Dan was Chief Executive Officer at United Supermarkets, an award-winning, family-owned retailer based in Texas.


Prior to spending nearly eight years in a variety of roles at Go Think! and AdPlex, where he first collaborated with Galen Walters, Dan served in the United States Air Force as an officer and pilot.  He logged more than 3,000 hours in a wide array of military aircraft including the U-2 reconnaissance plane, which he flew during the first Gulf War.


He and his wife, Shanna, make their home in Arizona.

Galen Walters


Galen is a creative entrepreneur, author, and publisher who developed the 4P Management System while running AdPlex, his first company, which he started from scratch with his wife Mikki, and ran for 27 years. At its peak, AdPlex had over 1,000 employees and seven large printing plants in North America.


He is also the founder of the Leadership LAB at Go Away Farm in Bellville, Texas. He is the CEO and founder of Go Think!, a consumer-focused database marketing firm in Magnolia Texas, and the Managing Partner of La Huerta USA, an organic frozen food sales and marketing organization in the USA with its partner company in Aguascalientes, Mexico.


He and Mikki lead the RealLife class at their church, and Galen is a co-author and publisher of the one-hour Bible study, Into His Marvelous Light. Galen is called to teach and is a sought-after executive coach with a passion for helping leaders find their purpose and create balanced lives in this chaotic time we live.


Built To Serve

By Dan J. Sanders

In Built to Serve, Dan makes this bold claim:  the prevailing business culture is broken and a radical transformation is required – a paradigm shift that reshapes our understanding of the true purpose of work.  Leaders have a choice – continue to chase a broken price-profit model and suffer the consequences or build a culture committed to servanthood and discover the fulfillment evident when people see their work as a “ministry.”  The choice leaders make will not only determine economic success and failure but also will determine their organization’s long-term impact on humanity.  By distilling valuable lessons from nine decades of a people-centered culture at United Supermarkets, Dan reveals how any leader can develop a fully engaged, productive workforce using people-first practices to drive bottom line results.


Note:  By 2008, when the book was published, a global financial crisis was in full swing resulting in what many economists considered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  At the heart of the meltdown was an undeniable failure of organizational leadership that placed profit before people.