The 4P's

What are the 4P's?

From the HeartIn this follow-up to the inspirational bestseller "Built To Serve", Dan and coauthor Galen Walters provide the tools needed to put the people-first model to work in your company. You'll master the 4Ps critical to long-term success: People, Process, Partners, and Performance. And you will create an organization that puts front-line people before bottom-line profits, allowing you and your organization to profit more than you ever thought possible.

(Excerpt from Page 69)

"The order of the 4 Ps is crucial. People come first for good reason: they are the single greatest asset in any organization. Ask any CEO of any company: staffing is the single biggest challenge to long-term success.

To put this another way, all organizations seeking sustained success must embrace a people-first culture. Reluctance to do so will almost certainly result in an inability to realize the full potential of the organization; quite possibly, it could result in the outright demise of the business."

(Excerpt from Page 89)

"Everything that happens inside an organization is tied to a process. If we closely examine the architecture of every discipline within an organization, we discover a series of complex systems, some formal and some ad hoc, that upon deconstruction reflect an orderly subsystem of processes—a subsystem comprising inputs and outputs. Comprehending this concept helps us understand the important fundamentals of leading an organization."

(Excerpt from Page 105)

"Relationships are the only real currency that matters. Effective leaders must understand the power of this statement, and they must make the proper application of its teaching. For example, customers and vendors should be recognized for what they are: partners in the success of any organization. Sadly, the rapacious behavior found in the prevailing business culture today is destroying partnerships, not building them."

(Excerpt from Page 125)

"Yes Profits! Properly equipped leaders want to serve people, but they also must perform for stakeholders."

What is the 4P Assessment?
The 4P Assessment is a tool designed specifically to highlight where companies have issues that need focus. The best use of the tool is when it is taken organizationally. However, it is useful to take as an individual as well. It has 28 questions, 7 each in the areas of People, Process, Partners and Performance. It should take less than 20 minutes to complete. At the end you will be given the opportunity to view, download or print out your report chart.

Understand Your 4P Assessment Chart

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