About the Authors

Dan J. Sanders

Dan Sanders is a seasoned executive in the food industry and supermarket sector. As a Supervalu division president, Mr. Sanders led Albertsons in Southern California and Las Vegas and ACME Markets in Pennsylvania during business transformations that ultimately resulted in the sale of both companies to private equity investors. Prior to serving in the publically-traded arena, Mr. Sanders was the chief executive officer of United Supermarkets, an award-winning, family-owned retailer based in Texas. His business career started in the entrepreneurial environment, working alongside his mentor, Galen Walters, at Adplex, a highly regarded marketing company specializing in advertising production and business consultative services for high-profile corporate, retail, and entertainment organizations. In addition to specializing in circular production and printing, Adplex developed innovative Web-based rich media software to help companies like American Airlines, NASCAR Images, HP, and YMCA manage their intellectual property. Prior to entering the business world, Mr. Sanders served as an officer in the United States Air Force, where he piloted the U-2 reconnaissance plane during the first Gulf War. He is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. Both universities have honored him with numerous awards since graduation. Mr. Sanders is also a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of two books, Built to Serve and Equipped to Lead (coauthored with Galen Walters).




Galen Walters

Galen Walters developed the 4P Management System and founded the Leadership LAB at Go Away Farm. He founded and is managing director at Go Think!, a marketing and business consulting firm. He served as CEO of adplex, a Houston advertising and marketing services firm, from 1981-2007.

To learn more about The Leadership LAB at Go Away Farm contact GoThinkLABinfo@goawayandthink.com or go to www.goawayandthink.com

About The Center for Corporate Culture

The Center for Corporate Culture became reality in 2007. It represented a new business standard while advocating an ongoing conversation about the importance of building a workplace culture that is engineered for maximum performance.

The planting of the seeds for The Center’s evolution occurred in 2003, when The Dollins Group produced the first in a series of Ehical Leadership Conferences. These successful conferences have featured worldrenowned speakers: Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Ken Blanchard, President George H. W. Bush, and General Norman Schwarzkopf. These brilliant thinkers engaged audiences and helped lay the foundation for The Center, which will continue this tradition of excellence by focusing on leadership, ethics, wellness, and execution.

The Center’s mission is to advocate an emerging twenty-first-century business model at a time when business leaders face a bold new marketplace in which competition is fierce, consumers are educated, and innovation is the chief currency. The Center is dedicated to helping CEOs and their teams focus on building a sustainable culture while enhancing their bottom line.


About Go Think!

Nobody has time to think anymore—truly think. Or to analyze, brainstorm, build relationships, discover new things, or turn dreams into realities. Go Think! does only that. We facilitate effective thinking that makes effective action possible. We believe in the value of intellect, curiosity, experience, enthusiasm, and instincts. We thrive on working with brands that evoke passion. Also, we are interested only in the long haul—taking brands from one place to the next, to the next, to the next. You get the idea. We aim for a continuous cycle of imagination, sound thinking,
research, big ideas, and loud conversations that drive results.

Our approach is simple. We like to dig into your business situation through interviews, site visits, research, and competitive assessments—whatever it takes for us to understand your brand and your challenges. We call it brand interrogation: we interrogate
until the brand confesses its strengths and reveals opportunities. Next, we help you go away and think—literally and figuratively. We have a unique first-class conference facility in a barn on a remote 86-acre farm off the beaten path in central Texas. It is an exclusive, private environment where reflecting and thinking are
easy. From this solitude and quiet comes incredible thinking, and ideas flow. You are able to concentrate, regroup, reassess your priorities, and reengage in your life’s purpose.

For more information on Go Think!, visit www.goawayandthink.com.

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